16/8 Plan from LeanGains; Any Opinion?


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Hi Everyone,

1. I am trying the 16 hours fasting, 8 hours eating plan, as shown by leangains.com

In my experience, this is a practical plan, without drastic measures in other types.

I just like that it is not an entire day without eating, going without any carbs, or otherwise drastic measures that would also interfere with normal work and social life.

Additionally, as opposed to keto or other areas, cheating or making a mistake a little bit will not be very detrimental.

2. As the articles, say, I am always hungry. They predict hunger pains will go away during the early morning and late-night, after a week, but it is hard to tell.

Did you guys have any experience with this, too?

3. Is there any metabolic advantage?

a. I can just think of the thermic effect and metabolic effect.

For example, 8 hours of feeding with high protein, high starch foods would generate more energy and be harder to assimilate than 8 hours of sugars and saturated fats.

b. I can also think that psychologically and physically, it feels more satisfying to eat well, if only for 8 hours a day.

4. Of course, I do see the vital role exercise plays.

Resistance training in the middle of the "fed" time is ideal.

Long and slow, or otherwise light cardio is great for the morning and late evening "fasted" times.

5. Any other feedback or scientific references for this?

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