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  • didnt bro, Went thru naps and they lagged it so they had to do a reshipment, I ended up going thur my reg guy and am just running prop alone on my test rat, On day 6 and already can see a huge jump in libido like crazy hes running around humping everything
    hey man been sending you pms, but just realised they haven't been coming through because your inbox is too full. Let me know when it is cleared up, so I can reply to you.
    Sounds good man, keep up the good work. I'm thinking of logging my cycle, you might wanna check it out.
    Naw just stuck with my source haha. To risky with that mexican gear man. Im 2 hours away from mexico just not worth the risk bringing it over, thats good Im starting to get more disciplined on my diet up to 183lbs atm
    Not bad bro, just finished my PT course, going to be home on Saturday. Giving myself a week to get back into eating and training as normal, then it's all systems go on the cycle. Did you go to Mexico in the end?
    Lol, what's with the cereal bird? Nice display pic bro, good progress. Find a source yet?
    Hahah, ****, I forgot to save the message in notepad or whatever. Let me find it again.
    Couldn't PM you... Erase some messages, I have some info for you regarding Mexican gear.
    Hello ward5742,

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