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    Bcaas, beneficial or Hokum?

    The way I understand, they kinda work behind the scenes (if you will) to assist in preventing muscle breakdown in a caloric deficit on a cut. I don't believe there to be any benefit in taking them during a bulk or eating at maintenance, unless there is a study the proves some type of benefit...
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    How do you guys get by after a cycle ends?

    I run natty products during PCT and do low heavy reps. Test my 1RM. Keeps it interesting.
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    USA FS: Olympus Labs Tr1umph and/or Bloodshr3d War - Both Sealed New & Ship Free

    Tr1umph - Berry Cherry Sorbet Exp 4/18 $40 Bloodshr3d - Orange Starkrush Exp 10/18 $30 Will sell individually or together for $65 Free shipping Not interested in trades Thanks!
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    Dark Carnival: Strength PH (High-Dose Epiandrosterone)

    DC is one of my favorite compounds to take. This product is hard to beat from a benefit vs. side effect standpoint. Highly recommend trying this at least once for at least a month, ideally two. Good stuff Zoo!
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    Dog Supplement

    Haha! I can totally understand. God bless them.....please! lol
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    Dog Supplement

    Oh yes, the tantrums are worse than a 5yr old kid. The complaining and demands really make you wonder who's boss. lol
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    Dog Supplement

    It takes a special breed of human to handle a Husky... lol
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    Oral trest

    I'd try the 50 trest PWO along with the Epi. I have done the same thing with 900mg Epi. Hits nicely for me....
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    Danes road to pain free livin

    In for the kill....
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    Drifting away from others who do not share the same goals.

    78% of the time away from work or the gym is spent with my dog and I have no complaints. The other 22% I am either at the grocery store, on the toilet (where my dog is not allowed to participate), or with my Girlfriend. I have no % to spare anyway...
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    Become a predator and something special

    I'm in! Would love to try it!
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    Clearing androgen receptors for shortened "Time Off"

    Wow. Classic youtube SARMs slinger... lol
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    PCT for prohormones

    This can't be fo real...
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    *** Gaspari's Super "Pump" Bowl Giveaway ***

    Nice, I'm in! Thanks!
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    The Squat is the most overrated exercise for Bodybuilding. True or false?

    Shouldn't be allowed in the gym if you don't squat. Especially if you don't have any physical impairments to prevent you from squatting. Personally, I'd be ashamed of myself for not squatting at least once a week.