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    Next cycle planning - Turinabol

    If you already choose to go with AAS, buy some needles and syringes and be a man. Orals only are not good option, you will get some results the first time, but after that not much. Go some test prop with tbol, that would be great cycle :)
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    Unanswered Nolva and Arimidex on-cycle as needed for estro sides?

    No need to run nolva on cycle, use nolvadex in pct. For estrogen control on cycle use AI like arimidex or aromasin :) Cycle is not good, if you want to go short cycle as you wrote (6 weeks) then no place for test e, its a long ester and you should run test e at least 10 weeks. I m on side of low...
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    Unanswered Masteron And Low Body fat

    Few times I had mast/winstrol combo in my cycle from great lab without any hair loss, but I m not prone to MPB. It’s not accurate to judge your mast on hair loss and I m always on low dosing side, but with mast IMO 500-700 mg per week is sweet spot and you need to be around 10% bf to see...
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    Unanswered Masteron And Low Body fat

    Masteron will shine on 8-9 % bf
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    Unanswered EQ: labs, dosage, safety, results.

    Masteron will hit lipids more than proviron
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    Unanswered EQ: labs, dosage, safety, results.

    The best combo is test with 19-nor (deca or tren) + DHT. Proviron is good DHT but not nearly good as masteron. People usually dislike masteron because many expect 15 pounds which is impossible for dry AAS like mast. For synergy with 19-nor there is no better AAS than Masteron and it will give...
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    Unanswered EQ: labs, dosage, safety, results.

    Using 2 aromatize compounds like test and eq with nandrolone is not good idea. It would be much better to run dht like masteron with test and npp. For me eq was always waste of the time, you need to run it very long and wait for ester clear 4-5 weeks and all that for a little gains...
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    Unanswered Cycle Advice?

    Diet is the key, 190lb with 20% bf is far away from good. You need to change your diet, because with that bf % diet is probably pretty bad.
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    Unanswered NPP with test prop and var?

    If you run masteron enanthate 2 pins per week is OK, but masteron prop EOD is the best way to use it. With masteron you will have more free test, IMO perfect ratio with test/mast would be 1:2, so test 300-350mg mast 600-700mg per week, that is great cycle :)
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    Unanswered NPP with test prop and var?

    I m always on low dosages side, but with some steroids like NPP, EQ, masteron, primo low dosing is a waste of time and money. NPP has a half life around 4.5 days, so you can pin it e3d, but the minimum I would run NPP, for some muscle-building benefits, is around 350mg per week. For short...
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    Unanswered Test E pain

    Bad gear mate, longer esters should be PIP free...
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    Unanswered NPP with test prop and var?

    100mg of npp per week is waste of money and gear. If you want some results with npp minimum dose IMO is 300-350 mg per week. For joint support 200-250mg per week is solid.
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    Unanswered Superdrol v anadrol

    They are both very toxic, but mg to mg superdrol is much worse. For strength anadrol is better, but you will hold too much water on anadrol. For lean gains superdrol is way better than anadrol...
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    Unanswered Cycle for an intermediate user

    Test/Anavar Test/Primo
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    Unanswered NPP on a CUT

    Test tren var is your best bet xD