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    Thought experiment

    Hey guys, it has been forever since I've been on here but I was doing a thought experiment/project and I wanted to get your opinion. PLEASE ANSWER TRUTHFULLY. It will not be shown how you vote. Explain your answer below if you choose to.
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    Myokem Needs A New Board Rep!

    Good opportunity here boys, great company, I know the owner well and I can tell you that there aren't a lot like them out there.
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    Repeal Obamacare Facebook group

    Hence the reason our economy sucks ;).
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    Repeal Obamacare Facebook group

    If you believe it should be repealed and believe it is crippling the economy and the state of healthcare then join this please! Let's see how many members we can get!
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    "Athletix GIRLS" Contest, GTFIH!!!

    Haha yeah I love the guy waving in the background.
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    ryansm compares Ultradrol to Superdrol<log

    Not just about faking it, if you vouch for him that is fine, all I am saying is there is more to the story here, we also don't have a baseline level, he could have been at 70 prior and 80 afterwards. I see bloodwork every day of my life and that is the only reason I am commenting on it ;).
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    Ultradrol and trenazone

    One is methylated and the other is non-methylated (transdermal). I haven't tried the trenazone before but I posted my ultradrol bloodwork and in 2 weeks @ 8mg with TUDCA on board my liver enzymes did not budge! :) I think the dose for most people will be 12mg (which I ran later on) but still a...
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    Chest pains while on Ultradrol? Mini review aswell

    In someone his age an MI would be near impossible with a 92 pulse and a 130/70 BP. Not saying it can't happen who knows of his underlying comorbidities but typically MI comes about when you can't oxygenate the heart and in most cases due to atherosclerotic arteries and I doubt he has built up a...
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    Ultradrol BIATCHES!!!! (not sponsored!)

    I know injuries all too well and don't blame you, don't make it worse by continuing to lift.
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    LMD's peer pressured Ultradrol log!!

    Thanks, I had no plans of doing it but as the title suggested people peer pressured me into it and we had an extra bottle so why not ;). Glad I did!
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    ryansm compares Ultradrol to Superdrol<log

    If you are susceptible, which most of the bodybuilding population shouldn't be, then you shouldn't be taking PH's anyways. The problem with bloodwork being posted here is we don't have any patient history. Who knows how many comorbidities they have or what they are doing while taking this...
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    ryansm compares Ultradrol to Superdrol<log

    I guess I just find it hard to believe that I ran it at the same dosage with less of a dosage of TUDCA for 2 weeks and my liver values did not change at all and his are elevated? He also did not provide a baseline. If his baseline was like 70 or something I'd be okay with it but no way it went...
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    ryansm compares Ultradrol to Superdrol<log

    Strong 2 posts....:grumble: So you are saying your labs were higher than ryansm's at half his dosage, half his length of use, and with TUDCA support. Either you are a troll, which you probably are considering 2 posts since March yet you are nice enough to get bloods done and can't post them or...
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    dollerbill's "Oh, Hey, I'm on Ultradrol" log

    Still going great I can see.
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    dollerbill's "Oh, Hey, I'm on Ultradrol" log

    Sick log, definitely seems like you are kicking some butt with this stuff. How do you like it compared to others you ran?