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    Unanswered Will DAA + OG Erase pro increase or decrease libido?

    since already waste money on daa, flush down toilet - unless want worse performance (melville and willoughby). wait! are you an italian geriatric with test/sperm produce problem? if so you may have 30% boost! 30% of 100ng/dl is 130ng/dl - time for new pr! i kid very much (but truth above) -...
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    Unanswered Just recieved blood results...

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    33 year old trt?

    very interesting. very large male study done once (think all had brain problem, not positive) - no adverse but dose only 12.5 iirc, maybe 25. recommendation for 100mg clomid was stupid (was it scally?) thanks. oh - 300 definitely not fine imo, good luck.
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    Unanswered SNS Thermagize XT - The Ultimate 1 Capsule Fat Burning Energizer

    not miss anything. yes, maybe in stim effect - ec actually not very stimmy long term - but still work. my comment was *only* about claim of "better than ec" in regards fat utilization (and to be fair, he not specify, so may have talked energy only, have to be fair). you do realize nothing...
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    Unanswered SNS Thermagize XT - The Ultimate 1 Capsule Fat Burning Energizer

    he say something like "better than bronkaid and caf", and i say "not until proven" (for actual ree increase and shift in preferred fuel, like ec is) that it is. i *not* say i only ever take supplement proven in studies (i was very naive once, lol),
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    prop blend and special amount of the acid amino... oh my (who here think to crock up that other company "master amino acid profile" nonsence?). if many contribute up to few thousand, take that supp to a lab and find out exactly in, that what competitor do if wanted - cheap for company. ah the...
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    Unanswered Celery seed extract dosage

    i would take what in study amount. i thought it 60mgx2 of extract version, but been a while. i think swanson have study dosage in theirs.
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    Unanswered What Supplements Induce Dietary Ketosis? Do They Work?

    get blood ketone meter - eat nothing but cream cheese and *some* full fat beef for a couple days, while do full body workouts = ketosis. then create proper keto diet of most fat, try to zero carb, and if unfortunate gluconeogenesis person - low protein (under 100, maybe down to 50 - meter will...
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    Unanswered SNS Thermagize XT - The Ultimate 1 Capsule Fat Burning Energizer

    not until it proven in multiple studies, like ec, lol (for ree and substrate utilize anyway - it may "stim" you more). when ingredient table public?
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    33 year old trt?

    have you links to research papers where vision problems occur? hear for andarine (s4), not for clomid, but i can't hear everything, lol. doctor can give clomid - approve for off label use - dr crisler had patients on it.
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    33 year old trt?

    clomid very tested - come out like in 60's. i think. most trt application use just like 12.5mg and just stay that way. not really horror story material i would think. hcg not raise my e2 at sane amount - i take 10 units on a day. i not even use ai at all. but people different - must test.
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    33 year old trt?

    i different, lol - mid 50's, started mid 40's - looking back, i'd have started earlier if i'd known. this whole "life commitment" stuff - ok, yes, like brushing teeth and taking shower i say. sub-q so easy, take me 3 minutes tops. BUT BUT BUT.... 33 is little young for hypogonadism. like...
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    Androgel comparison to Test Cyp

    that inside house!?
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    Unanswered Coming off cycle test booster

    shbg not being worried about by trt docs now, since it appear that shbg can dock at androgen receptor. dr scott stevens just talk about this. even when "free t" was rallying cry, they never rx (i think danazol?) to lower shbg - they just increase testosterone dose. clomiphene have capable to...
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    Unanswered Will Daa Boost Your Test Levels?

    oh please baby jesus can the daa just grab the cla and suicide themself. i would run far from company promoting either - but it your money. i mean do "bros" even do math? 30% in old non-sperm men only... what 30% of shut down "bro" at 100ng/dl? enjoy your 130 if it even do as said. just crazy...