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  1. sr9009 stenabolic

    Currently 4 days in with 40mg/ml in salvo. 1 ml daily. Don't feel anything as of yet. Last time I used it in 50% DMSO in Ethanol (v/v) with 100mg/ml and two sublingual applications of 20mg a day. This way it was strong, but the burn, smell, taste and aftertaste were incredibly bad and everyone...
  2. Trenavar, Hexadrone cycle

    But thats the "Trena-V" bottle right? I was referring to the "Tren" bottle.
  3. Trenavar, Hexadrone cycle

    A little late to the party here, but I assume the website just listed the wrong compound as they just assumed "tren"=trendione and didn't look up what the actual bottle said. I'm sure if you get the bottle it lists dienedione.
  4. This deca okay ?

    I would just push it through a 22 micron filter into a new sterile vial to be on the safe side. Might have lost some potency, but other than that I think it should be fine.
  5. What’s the highest dosage Cialis you have taken on a daily basis?

    Vigoroussteve advises to drink ginger tea against the heart burn from tada. I find it makes it worse, but I also have reflux issues without tada, so maybe it only helps people that have the heartburn solely from the tada.
  6. What’s the highest dosage Cialis you have taken on a daily basis?

    Oh xD wasn't aware xD I took 10 to counter the blood pressure increase of low dose clen combined with the brawn venom fat burner version. Worked well and gave me a nice bedroom bonus besides good pumps.
  7. Anyone have experience with SR9011?

    I didn't get bloods done as I did not expect this when I took it and read this in the research literature. I think it was in here ( but am not entirely sure, has been a while since I thouroughly read about the SRs. However, one has to keep in mind, that...
  8. Are big testicles attractive to women?

    If you don't feed him, he'll never get better xD
  9. Are big testicles attractive to women?

    Well. I don't really think it matters. But its an interesting question. I would love to see some answers of actual women. However, smaller balls do have some advantages in things like cycling (not gear... a bicycle) and grappling.
  10. Trenavar

    Bummer. Was happy to find as they seemed to have much in stock.
  11. Anyone have experience with SR9011?

    Tried SR9009 from SARMSXXL. Diluted it in DMSO and 50% EtOH. Took it sublingually. Burned like **** and tasted like ***, for about 30 min at least. But it worked like a charm. In everything endurance related, suddenly the muscles were the limiting factors. Leaned out really fast on it. However I...
  12. Do you guys have friends in real life?

    For sure :D I think I do have real friends. However they all live at least 150 km away from me, so I only see them a couple of times a year at most. Happily, I met most of them in university together with my girlfriend so most are joint friends. For some strange reason however I mostly make...
  13. Protodrol solo cycle few questions

    A little late to the party. It seems to be your first cycle, so you should better stick to protodrol only. It might be fine to run a mild combo like protodrol/hexadrone, but both are dry and hexadrone seems to even have some antiestrogenic activity. You would certainly be better off stacking...
  14. Brawn Furuza 50

    Last one I knew vanished a few month ago.
  15. SARM's, MK, & GW : A User's Guide

    You may hVe no problems and you may recover fine without anything as well. But why take the risk?