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    Torn Patella, What can I do to not lose muscle???

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    Any help would be appreciated

    You are doing too much.
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    Biceps won't grow and not getting sore, help!

    I suggest strategic deconditioning. Take two weeks off completely (blasphemy!) then go back at it.
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    help with UPPER/LOWER question!!!

    If your body requires more rest between workouts, than you are smart to take more days off.
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    renegade rows

    If you are doing pull ups, you can cut out pull downs all together. Closed chain kinetic moves for the win. Renegade rows are an excellent exercise, but not if they injure your wrist. Lighten the weight, keep your wrist locked, focus on stabilizing your hips and shoulder girdle during the...
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    STRANGE: Ecstasy Shots

    Tried strange shots for the first time this weekend. I am an avid supporter of RPN, their business integrity, and innovative products, but unfortunately the strange shots didn't do anything for me. Empty stomach, shots were followed by a few beers, in a friendly happy environment, no mitigating...
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    werewolves vs. vampires

    Im jebel in the IW clan. What do you guys think about staying around level 20 but with killer stats? Like a sleeper vampire.
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    Any bodybuilders out there do full body workouts, all i see is splits

    I do something similar to you. It's good to train like an athlete.
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    personal trainer

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    Inquiry: Spine Realignment

    The jury is still out on a lot of spinal manipulation. The lack of studies/ evidence has given it a role as an alternative treatment. This website should provide more information
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    Ab Wheel

    Very good exercise and if performed correctly is most likely more efficient than many traditional abdominal exercises.
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    Mnemosyne...Clearly Edgy

    I'll give it a try. Have an eclectic set of roles in which to utilize/ evaluate it: graduate student, direct a non profit, trained pianist.
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    Booby Cream

    The title of this thread is misleading :worried:
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    yellow neuphoria gen 2 samples

    Hey guys, Bought yellow neuphoria version 1 back in the day, didn't do anything for me at all. I would like to try this newer version before purchasing, any samples available? By the way, green mag is great. Thank you.
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    D1 Athlete Off-season Workout

    Your school probably has a team of professional strength coaches with graduate degrees and years of experience in the field. I would strongly advise asking them.