Progression and persistence

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  1. Quote Originally Posted by MM11

    It just moved and the owner is certified in westside barbell. It's called the iron asylum. It's actually pretty cheap. Just weights. A few treadmills but no pool or basketball court or anything I have to pay upkeep on.

    We are getting tires and hammers. The coolest thing is they leave the chains and bands by the squat rack not behind the desk.
    this is what gyms need to be all about..... i need to make one of these

  2. Great work here! Great abs. You could wash some clothes on those things. Washboard for sure. Keep going!

  3. Damn man how do you drop so many lbs and keep your upper body size?

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Dyou View Post
    Damn man how do you drop so many lbs and keep your upper body size?
    My training style is much more than bodybuilding related. I basically looked at all training styles and took what I like over the years. It consists of...
    Martial arts / Wrestling
    Football style strength programs
    Rugby work outs
    Some gymnastics/ghetto work out (yoube it)
    Olympic and explosive training.

    I gained muscle slowly over years. It has matured and won't just disappear in a month. When it comes down to it diet. Diet. Diet. No one likes the answer. Find YOUR diet. I eat carbs when cutting sometimes before bed but not usually. I basically got to know my body over the years.

  5. Lower abs... Always the last to go
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  6. Subd great job so far!

  7. Motivating pics and great progress!

  8. Any estimate on body fat. I would like to say 10% but I feel 12% is being honest. Maybe more.

  9. C'mon bro... Lets be real.. I haven't seen any pic of you that was >10%

  10. Slow and steady work.
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  11. Leg day!
    Fasted weight 175lbs. This will be 180+once I break fast

    Caliber bf test by gym trainer came out to something like 9.89 I remember rounding up to 9.9 but didn't write down the exact # this was pre work out

    Heavy squats... I knew I wouldn't be able to hit the 500 anymore. I have been doing chains, out the hole, widow makers, and odd variations of squats to avoid seeing how much strength I lost..

    Worked up to a 475x1. I hear the same 2 comments every time I squat. Great depth and keep my head up.

    475= 2.71x my bw or 300lbs+ bw. Not shabby.

    The rest of my work out consisted of sled pushing and banded dead lift. Lots of sets some supersets. Working deads up to a 1rm. Not sure the weight with all the change and bands on the bar. Don't really care for today either.

    Ended blasting calves, also did sets for calves all work out.
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  12. 4 more weeks till summer.
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  13. Definitely in for this, should've holla at me with this thread before
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  14. Good to have you. My goals are basically strong and lean. I want to be in ninja like shape and abilities someday...

  15. You can't just go around 'shopping your head onto my body.
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    Mike ~ R/D

  16. Quote Originally Posted by Smitty77 View Post
    You can't just go around 'shopping your head onto my body.
    Very funny but we both know you photoshop your body onto my head!

  17. At this point I am going to have to declare all out war to get rid of that lower ab fat. Results will be slower.

    When I finish my bottle of Abliterate advance I will switch to Eviscerate to assist in spot reduction.
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  18. Best work out ever.

    Squats 7 sets working up to 405. Took it easy because I hurt my neck and ankle in my rugby game this past weekend

    Dead lifts (with bands)
    7 sets working up to 315 on the bar plus 4 total bands. I was told this equaled around 430 on the ground and 540-560 depending how tall the person is at the top. By far a pr (315 plus Bands is the pr)

    Yoke walk worked up to 400+ lbs @ 30-40 yards. I had 380 in weights and no idea how heavy the set up is. It is way more than 20lbs.

    POST work out weight 175.5 I usually weigh myself first thing leg day but forgot.
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  19. Doing it like a boss
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  20. The yoke walk bar is 122. Making what I carried 502 (above)

    Also did board press today and got 340 @ 2 boards. 2x bw!
    350@ 3 boards.

    Lame updates but life is happening fast. . .

  21. Progression. Lower abs I will find you!
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  22. Quote Originally Posted by MM11
    Progression. Lower abs I will find you!
    Damn brotha you are ready for summer(no homo)
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  23. Quote Originally Posted by vicesoldier View Post
    Damn brotha you are ready for summer(no homo)
    Few more weeks of hard work and I should be ready. Even though my goal is to maintain sub 10% all summer or close. I am getting stronger. Can't complain about that.

  24. Side shots are so hard to do by yourself I discovered.
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  25. Quote Originally Posted by MM11 View Post
    Few more weeks of hard work and I should be ready.
    You're not ready now?

    This is silly.
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    Mike ~ R/D

  26. There is ALWAYS room for improvement. I will NEVER be happy. The leaner / stronger I get the more I crave for more.

    Wait until AA is gone and I switch to eviscerate! I will look competition ready!

  27. Posting for my own records (that's why I started this thread).

    Completely unflexed and flexed pictures. After a huge carb up and TTA is having me a bit bloated

    Still need to get that lower ab fat to go away.

    Weight 178 this morning. 183 tonight for the pics. ( haha about a 10pm glycogen load?

    Set lots of recent PRs this week as well.

    48 inch box jump for sets of 4,3,3,1 my PR was once ( I mis measured and didnt realize how High it was until the 3rd set. That helped mentally a lot I think).

    -3 board flat bench press 355
    -Banded dead lift. 435 at the bottom and about 545 at the top (this does not mean I can dl 545)
    -80lb dumbbell snatches for sets of 5(super set with DL after the PR I dropped back down a bit for the SS)

    Notes: love the strength from the carb up hate the bloat... Needed to happen fat loss was stalling. Low carb for me is still 100g - 160g and I carb cycle. This week is 250g all week.
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  28. Pre gym fasted pics flexed and unflexed. Still bloated but much better. Also bloat will go away and this weeks diet has been very easy.

    Notes:I can see separation unflexed and lower veins. The extra scale weight will make going back into a defect mentally easier as I would not drop below 170. ( I am coming down from 200 ish).

    Side notes: energy and endurance is great.
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  29. Killing it bro with your unflexed pics
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  30. Your bodyfat % kind of irritates me...


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