creatine & stiff joints, muscle cramps ... what gives?

  1. creatine & stiff joints, muscle cramps ... what gives?

    I didn't have this problem last year when I did an 8 week creatine cycle.

    This year I'm taking a steady 5g/day, and I'm not "loading up" like I did last year with 20g/day for the first week... It's been about 2 weeks. May be because I'm not drinking as much sugary liquid throughout the day as last year?

    My knees and elbows are especially stiff, and they're both needed in all major workouts!

    Any remedies?

  2. Very strange I have always heard of it helping with joints.

    How is your water intake?
    Also are you training more often then the last time you took it?
    It would sound ot me like an over training problem but mor info would be needed to be sure.

  3. Last year I'd drink exactly a gallon a day rain or shine. I'm probably drinking half of that this time around. Hmmm, that makes sense, I'll increase my water intake and see what happens...

    I'm not training more often than last time, but I'm doing a lot more cardio... my calorie intake is high too (clean) since I'm trying to bulk now.

  4. I noticed that sometimes I migth feel slightly stiff when my muscles are "full" so to speak. Not to the point your talking about but you can retain water it may place some added stress around joints very hard to tell.

    If your not taking in enough water I can see how that may cause cramps as it is dehydrating you a bit and combined with the cardio.

    Make one small adjustment at a time and see if it fixes it till you find out what is wrong. Hope this helps!

  5. doubt that the creatine has anything to do with the joint pain. I would suggest investing in some Glucosamine/msm/chondroitin, Cissus, and fish oil for starters
    Strong people are harder to kill than weak people, and more useful in general. -Rippetoe

  6. I've been drinking lots of extra water and taking more sugary liquid with the creatine. cramps/stiffness is completely gone.

    thanks for the advice everyone

  7. Great! good to hear that worked, like I said from my use those are the problems I have had.
    Enjoy the creatine!

  8. if you using mono you want a insulin spike anyway so the sugar is good. besides that you need the extra water when on creatine since it may cause some dehydration throughout the body, which in fact could be the reason why your joints are hurting.

    fish oil as mentioned should be used reguardless as it is good for so many things!

  9. i tested the solubility of my creatine, as i too was having joint stiffness more frequently when on creatine. 10 grams in 1 L of water should go in readily, but it took some time and stirring. mixing it like 1:1:1 tang. citric acid, creatine, seems to help too. And for good measure I swallow it down with glucosamine.. I was doing this before with creatine but just slamming it down w/o carring if it dissolves...joints are better now!

  10. advice cost you reps j/j
    Strong people are harder to kill than weak people, and more useful in general. -Rippetoe


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