1. HCG

    Has anyone used HCG for weight cut?

  2. Try fork putdowns
    I am a carnivore (diet based exclusively on meat)- Here is my diet and training log

  3. Keep your narrow minded replies to yourself! If you haven’t used hcg for weight cut then don’t make a narrow minded comment like you just did! Go educate yourself on hcg! Here’s one bit of knowledge for you, hcg is used for weight loss and other benefits! I ask the question to get someone else’s experience if they did use it for weight loss!

  4. I thought it was kind of funny. "Fork Pulldowns" lol. The double entendré with exercise and eating.

    That said, HCG used for weight loss has it's proponents and those quite against it as a scam.
    I've seen women use it successfully but then again, its always with a combination of serious decrease in calories. 500 calories per day with restrictions on what kinds of foods they can eat. By what mechanism and reason do you
    suggest the topic?

    You make a post, then someone makes a funny, and you go off.
    My point of order here is. Why didn't you ask the question, back it up with some of your information and leave it
    open to discussion?

    Has anyone used the "Steak and Egg" diet to grow and get ripped at the same time by losing fat?
    Here's what I have experienced, or have seen others, but would solicit some thoughts from real world examples in here.
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