What causes alopecia?

  1. What causes alopecia?

    Is it from stress? Or putting heat onto your hair a lot? (I iron my hair). Or are you born with it?

  2. Well alopecia is just hair loss, could be a range of reasons;
    Too much styling products/chemicals
    Ironing your hair too much lol
    Restricting blood flow
    Wearing a hat or somekind of headwear to tight.

    Best way is to speak to a specialist and see whats going on, in the mean time you can get some hair loss shampoos or conditioners to help the scalp remain healthy and promote growth

  3. Quote Originally Posted by mukul97 View Post
    Is it from stress? Or putting heat onto your hair a lot? (I iron my hair). Or are you born with it?
    But if you are specifically talking about Alopecia Areata, then stress and physical stress would be my guess

  4. Youre talking about androgenic Alopecia right?
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  5. 1. Androgenic alopecia

    You know it as male or female pattern baldness. It’s the most common form of alopecia and it is hereditary.

    2. Telogen effluvium

    This type of sudden hair shedding is linked to trauma or shock to the body. It can strike women after giving birth, but hair growth usually returns to normal.

    3. Anagen effluvium

    This hair loss is associated with chemotherapy. Once the medication is stopped, hair usually grows back.

    4. Alopecia areata

    With this type of patchy hair loss, the body’s own immune system attacks hair follicles.

    5. Alopecia totalis and alopecia universalis

    Alopecia Totalis is total loss of scalp hair, and alopecia universalis is total loss of body hair, including eyelashes and nose hairs. The root cause is an immune-system attack.

    6. Scarring alopecias

    With this rare form of alopecia, scar tissue replaces hair follicles so hair cannot grow back. The cause remains unclear.
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