What Causes Dietary Ketosis? Why Can Some Go Into Ketosis Faster Than Others?


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Hello Everyone,

I know low-carb diets have come and gone throughout the last forty years.

All other things being equal, I think low carb diets lose weight quicker than anything, but hard to put on muscle in ketosis.

In my own life, part of body composition frustration happened because my high school trainer had a "great cut diet" that supposedly made you burn off lots of fat, and people I know lost lots of weight quickly, even with no exercise and no fatigue.

When it failed with me, I haphazardly looked for answers, but never found a complete one.

Can anyone help answer these questions, and back with studies?

1. Do Ketostix accurately measure ketosis, or do you need a blood test? Studies?

2. How come some people go into ketosis faster than others?

I myself need six days of ZERO carbs, not even vegetables, to get into ketosis, says the Ketostix.

3. Is there an explanation why many people did well on this cut diet, but it failed miserably for me?

I remember my high school trainer's diet was:

Breakfast: 2 Whole Eggs, 2 Egg Whites, One Cup Fruit
Snack: 1/2 cup raw nuts or one can of tuna
Lunch: 1 cup cooked Brown Rice, 4-6 oz chicken or fish
Snack: 1/2 cup raw nuts or one can of tuna
Dinner: Vegetables in olive oil, Chicken and Fish

Every Fourth Day, add oatmeal for breakfast, pasta for lunch, baked potato for dinner

On this four day cut diet, my assistant coaches lost many pounds, even with no fatigue and exercise.

When Ketostix gave me no ketones and I saw no results, I tried zero carbs, as I said. It took six days for ketosis.

But, again, no permanent loss. Only lost four pounds by doing this cycle several times, and gained it back within a week.

It discouraged me so much, and my trainer also pitied me, calling me a "hard case" "hard loser" and showed the same bafflement that a physician does when he sees someone with an unknown disease.

Although I still keep in good touch with a trainer, I now know he thinks he is smarter and educated than he is. He simply does not understand the science of ketosis.

But, I still wonder why so many other people got great results, even with no exercise and resulting fatigue? Yet, I felt so low energy, and did exercise, but no results. It feels very discouraging and mysterious.

4. From this, I see that the low-fat diet keeps my energy decent, and can even fuel muscle gain.

Yes, low-fat often means less hormones that a high-lipid diet. Yet, there are ways to supplement testosterone, if need be.

5. Can anyone bring some science to this?


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i am not going to go look up studies for you. but there are many easy answers for you to consider, and with your own due diligence, find studies to support them. lets go point by point, shall we?

1. ketostix only accurately measure ketones in your piss. you can readily burn these said ketones for fuel. this means its easy to find very little if any ketones in urine even when in ketosis.

2. I doesn't matter why others get there faster. you yourself can "train" the body to get there sooner too. some of the reasons could be: better use of stored glycogen i.e. insulin sensitivity, better training, better diet control. ect.

3. lets start with the terrible design of this diet for Ketosis purposes. a. there is too much protein and not nearly enough fat.. then there is the cup of rice daily!!?? WTF is that? rice aint helping anyone fall into keto. again see answer 2.

4. is there a question here?

5. Have you read "body opus" or the "ultimate diet 2.0"? both books easily downloaded would teach you much about ketosis on which you are woefully misguided at this point.

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