Are all green teas equal?

  1. Are all green teas equal?

    As the title asks.. I just started IF and the bulletproof coffee. I've read that green tea can help with metabolism. I'm assuming that it's the little of pouches that are drank hot & not the kind in the plastic bottles. Am I right on this?

    Is there a tea that anyone would recommend?

  2. I love matcha tea. Look it up.

  3. Not at all. Look at the EGCG content.

    Matcha tea is the best i know of, high egcg mgs, and grown under the best conditions.
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  4. Just ordered some. Thanks.

  5. yep matcha would be the best

    but imo, I just go with the store brand green tea in the bag, I actually have been putting it in my morning coffee and letting it steep w/ some cocounut oil
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