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Oxy Elite Pro (OEP) IForce TT-33 4 week Summer Cut.

  1. Oxy Elite Pro (OEP) IForce TT-33 4 week Summer Cut.

    OEP/TT-33 Log.

    Today I am going to start a 4 week Log for OXY Elite Pro and TT-33.

    I have been working out a couple of years. Have tried a lot of different supps, I have had good luck with OEP once in the past. My weight has fluctuated between 167-225 over the past 5 years and body fat has fluctuated between 8-25%. I am just about as lean as I have ever been, and I am looking to see how lean I can get over the next month. I am coming off of a week of no caffeine, and relaxed dieting

    The Log:
    I will update this log at least weekly, on Sundays. If I have the time/interest/side-effects I will update it daily.

    5-6 Meals a day. Clean diet, (egg whites, Steel-Cut Oats, chiken, tuna, steak. Etc.)
    Macro ratios: 180p/200c/65f +/- 10%. I will start off shooting for a 500 cal deficit. Then work my way up to a 750 cal deficit, and might experiment with a 1000 cal deficit the last week of the cut.

    Workouts- Weights 3-4x a week. Cardio 3-4x Focus will be compound exercises, and cardio will be a combo of HIIT or 1 Hour steady.

    Other Supps- Multi-Vitamin, 5g’s of Creatine, Whey as required, Casein Nightly. Liv52, (because I have it), Animal Flex, propecia, ZMA. I have every major pre-workout but I plan on only using half-doses initially.

    My Goal is to get the leanest I can while trying to lose a minimal amount of muscle. I weight myself daily and measure myself weekly. My 3 key metrics of success in order of importance will be the mirror followed by:
    1. Stomach measurement currently: 35”
    2. Stomach Caliper measurement currently 10mm.
    3. Electronic Body Fat measurement, currently 10.3%
    4. Weight, currently 179.8

    I believe a successful “cycle” would be getting my stomach measurement down to 34”, and stomach calipers down to 8mm, in a month, and I’m not real concerned about the scale, but, 170-175 would be about right.

    I will take the OEP and TT-33 as indicated on the bottle. I might mess with dosing a little bit after a week. I am open to any helpful or asinine advice, comments, criticism, questions. I will post pics if there is a significant difference.

    Thanks for following,
    Last edited by franklin; 04-10-2011 at 12:37 PM. Reason: added supps I forgot to mention

  2. Day 2.
    Took 3 OEP and 2 TT-33. Did 1-hr of Cardio today, heart-rate was higher than normal, not a bad thing. Had some trouble falling asleep last night, I just wasn’t tired. Not sure if it was the new supps or something else. Time will tell. I felt pretty damn energetic this afternoon. Diet was clean, looking fwd to the results.
    213p/217c/70f ~750 calorie deficit.

  3. Day 7,

    Down 2 pounds, and my stomach is .75" smaller this week. Which is the smallest measurement I have ever taken.
    I worked out 6 days this week, I took a day off when pretty much everything was sore. I ran stairs for an hour on wed and my calves are still sore today.

    I think the Oxy Elite does a good job or reducing my appetite. Usually even if I eat every 3 hours mid-afternoon I am pretty hungry. So I try to take the OEP at around 1 oclock to minimize afternoon hunger.

    I am getting leaner no doubt about it. This week I will be on vacation and travelling so my typical workout routine and diet will suffer.

    It is worth mentioning that my hair looks thinner this week. It could be the calorie restriction, or messing with the thyroid, or genetics, or my imagination. So far I am happy with the results.

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