What's it like?

  1. What's it like?

    I've been doing research on Brutal 4ce and can't find what it is compared to. Example: Dmz has been compared to a combination of masteron and winstrol. As well as mention of superdrol. Anyone got a fact backed comparison?

  2. I do not use it

  3. Brutal 4ce as far as I know is just a 4-andro. I'm sure you can find tons and tons of logs on here of people running it , most use it as a test base alongside 1 andro and or epi andro . If you're looking for something legal that'll put some size on then 4 andro could work , several brands have it Chem 4 from C&P is dosed a little higher and has epicat in it as well. Feel free to DM me if you got any questions about it too
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    PM with any questions bros!

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