Post Vaca stack & shout out...

  1. Post Vaca stack & shout out...

    Just returned to the UK from a hectic Disney vaca in Florida!

    Made the most of having quick access to Evomuse and stocked up to bring back! A HUGE thank you to @dsade, I had issues with the delivery to a rental villa in a gated community and Matt was awesome in promptly assisting me and offering to reship. Thankfully the package turned up after a day or so of hounding the property management and USPS!

    So, I bought:
    2x Epitome
    1x Defuse
    1x DCP
    3x Gut Health
    1x Top Muscle betas
    1x Hypernova
    Also have 25caps of Alphaburn left.

    How would you guys go about using these?

    Thanks in advance

  2. Post Vaca stack & shout out...

    Still in holiday so used defuse the past two nights before my largest meal (junk) of the day. I must say it really helps me; I donít bloat like I usually do with carbs, I donít feel grossly over fed, have a nice warming of the entire body and slight pump especially in the area and chest!

    Now to work out when to introduce the rest...

  3. Iím around 20% which order would you run the above??
    @dsade @MidwestBeast and anyone else that can chime in with experience of these
  4. AnabolicMinds Site Rep
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    You're utilizing the Defuse exactly as you should/I would, which is just prior to large cal cheat meals. No need to use it any more often than that, so the bottle should last you a good while.

    I've been taking Epitome at 1 cap/day lately just to stretch it out, but its most effective at 2 caps/day spread out and just make sure it's 3+ hours away from weight training sessions. I personally take it on an empty stomach and try to keep it a few hours after waking for dose 1.

    Gut Health is a daily staple for me. I take it every single night. Your bottles will last you half the year.

    I personally prefer AlphaBurn pre fasted cardio; especially if it's the 8mg caps.

    Haven't used the HyperNova or TopMuscle, but I would probably take the HN first and then the TM on the back end of all this assuming you're trying to cut up and then add cals and size back.

    All that said, there's really no wrong way to use all these. All of Matt's line is fantastic.
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