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******Hey guys. I been off these boards for a minute.
In a couple months I turn 29. I been most active on these boards at like 18, a young and dumb kid who cycled everything under the sun.
This year things changed, I prolonged some use of Epiandro; to me the slight aggression and minimal suppression was a welcome transition into relying on myself as motivation.
That aside (sorry for some lame background😂)
I occasionally like outside help to shake things up, but never wanna suppress or use things like Cardarine******

—— Triton, triacetyl adenosine.
I can’t find much on this stuff! I seen the general write ups on the board, but I’m curious of a couple things
1) upper limit? More not always better, as usual
2) how exactly does this enter the adenosine production cycle? So the 3 diff pathways, how does it jump in? Or is it just available in circulation somehow to be absorbed by the muscles during high demanding activity?
In the pharma world it has medical application, but for things I can’t exactly see having a PED- crossover application; however I know it does *something*
as I can feel my 2 mile runs are easier, I can keep a higher pace throughout the whole thing, whilst not having as labored or breathing.

I’m just trying to find the pathways this would work through as some ground floor knowledge about it! From what I seen reported and what I see myself, this has huge potential and I think maaannyy more people would want to try it too, so let’s compile the research!

Also, hilariously I did find some research on topical adenosine being as effective as minoxidil for hair regrowth!😂 kudos brothers, cheers to a lifetime of health, peace, and longevity💪


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1. I think this is going to be highly personal, but u hit it on the head here.. more is not always better so test limits accordingly and keep detailed notes to the effects each time. I have seen a few people mention dosing up to 3 ml per training session.

2. I seem to recall that this can activate AMPK which is probably why its so good for endurance reasons.
"Adenosine is essential for the proper functioning of every cell in the body. It is a component or precursor to a component of RNA and DNA, and in its native form, or in various phosphorylated states, acts as a neurotransmitter at the P1 and P2 purine receptors. The intra- and extra-cellular levels of adenosine are tightly regulated through its production from ADP and ATP, transport through specific nucleoside transporters, and catabolism."

I will go over some of my notes to see if I can turn up some more pertinent information for your query. (after rubbing some on my bald head)
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