Strongman MMA card w/ serious money being discussed



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Much more than Dr. Evil could imagine!

(I think Eddie eats too much) :)

The long-anticipated moment for fight sports fans has arrived. Eddie Hall, the world's strongest man, has just announced his debut MMA match. It's set to be a true heavyweight clash, with his opponent being the world strongman champion, Mitchell Hooper.

An anticipated debut in combat sports, Eddie Hall's potential transition, has been the topic of conversation for several years.
The Brit began his journey in a boxing match against "Game of Thrones" star, Hafthor Bjoernsson, also known as "The Mountain," who defeated Hall by unanimous judge's decision.

After nearly two years, Hall is stepping into the octagon. The details of the premier MMA fight of the former world strongman champion have been finalized. He will face another world's strongest man, Mitchell Hooper.

The bout is set to take place in Qatar. The competitors will face off on February 17th, 2024, at the Lusail Stadium, during the Finisher's Championship event. Twelve competitors will participate in the event, four of whom are associated with strength sports. Besides Hall and Hooper, competitors include Brian Shaw and Martyn Ford. Shaw has potential plans for a future match with Mariusz Pudzianowski.

The potential cash prize is staggering. The organizers estimate the prize pool to be an impressive 300 million dollars.

"Prepare for the event you've been waiting for. Premiering in 2024. Top MMA fighters will settle unfinished business. Eliminator for twelve warriors. Cash prize worth 300 million dollars." - The event organizers tout.

Photos of the two athletes training together have surfaced on social media. Eddie Hall solicited his fans for their support, reminding them that both competitors hold the title of world strongman champion.

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