Size and Strength Coming Off First Cutting Cycle (Test/Tren/Mast/Var)


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Hey guys I am about to finish my cutting cycle in about 3 weeks from now. This is how my cycle was planned:

Weeks 1-16: Test cyp 750mg/week
Weeks 1-8: Tren ace 150mg eod
Weeks 9-16: Masteron 150mg eod
Weeks 9-16: Anavar 80mg a day

Also been running HCG at 250IU 2x a week. I have ran Test and Tren in the past but this was my first time using Anavar and Masteron, which have been great.

I've had awesome results and been able to maintain most of my strength despite dropping about 20 pounds.

This is my first cutting cycle and have a couple questions regarding coming off the cycle. I will have standard PCT. I am planning on upping my cals gradually, starting with maintenance and gradually upping to maybe about couple hundred cals above maintenance as the weeks go by. I don't mind gaining a little bit of BF since I would like to fill out a bit after being at a deficit for a while and feeling a little flat at times.

What should I expect with my size and strength coming off this cycle? After a cutting cycle do you guys normally lose strength, maintain or even gain since you are not at a cal deficit anymore? Thank you for your help.


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Bump. What do you guys think with my plan after this cycle? Also, would love to hear everyone else's experience coming off a cutting cycle with regards to my comments about size and strength. Thank you.


That's a monster cycle..

What i do after a cutting cycle is put my calories at pre cycle maintenance plus 200 ( so i slowly fill out and keep any new muscle gained along with keeping strenght up) i also keep fats low and up carbs around workouts and carb back load to make sure i keep gym performance.

doing something similar rn

test e 700mg (just bumped)
mast e 500 mg(just bumped)
winstrol weeks 1-6(over now)
trenazone 180mg for 6-8 weeks (not decided yet)
Tr3st 100mg (just started)

lost about 2.2% bf while being up 6-8 pounds (varies)

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