5 Best Quads Exercises for Strength and Size



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Leg day — the ultimate divider between procrastination and passion. Bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts have a love/hate relationship with leg day. Regardless of your feelings toward sculpting those quads, you’re undoubtedly chasing results if you invest your mindset into leg day and specific quads exercises. Ask any athlete to pinpoint the most visually striking muscle group, and chances are they’ll point to a set of impressive and powerful quadriceps.
There’s an undeniable aura of power and strength that comes from a robust set of quads. Beyond mere aesthetics, a muscular lower body broadcasts a clear message: your work in the gym extends far beyond casual dumbbell curls for the girls.
Whether you’re a casual lifter, a competitive strength enthusiast, or engaged in a sport that doesn’t involve barbells, strong and big quads aren’t just for show — they’re fundamental for optimal performance and maintaining a body that moves with vitality.
Also, let’s not forget their pivotal role in pushing the limits of your barbell squat. While the journey to massive quads isn’t overly complex, it demands time, strategic programming, and thoughtful planning in order to grow and showcase that teardrop shape.
In this article, we dive deeper into a collection of the best quads exercises designed to maximize strength and muscle size.

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