Shoulder rehab question


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Been dealing with a shoulder issue for over two months now. I have basically laid off training except for some exercises that are supposed to help rehab the injury - bands, very light dumbell presses for high reps, and a couple of other ROM stretches. I believe it's an impingement, but can't be 100% sure without an MRI. It feels like the same thing I had shoulder surgery for 10 years ago on my other shoulder, and I DO NOT want to do that surgery again. I do know that pressing movements and overhead type stuff hurts. But there is something that I have noticed. For example, if I do several sets of very light dumbell presses (like 15 pounders for 25 reps), the pain starts to subside after about the 3rd set. At that point, I feel like I could start increasing the weight with little to no pain, but I hesitate to do so because I don't want to risk messing it up more. What does this mean? It feels like it might be getting a little better, but there are still times when my shoulder hurts (for example when I wake up in the mornings) and I don't know if I'm doing more harm than good, or if I should start pushing a little harder with the rehab. Is it normal for rehabbing to be a little painful, or is a situation where you want the shoulder to be sore only after a rehab session? What would be the recommendation based on this information? FWIW, I'm also taking oral BPC, but can't really tell if that's had any affect or not.

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