Right choice for a newbie 1/4/epi or ostra


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Hallo Anabolicminds

So i have been lurking on anabolicminds for a while now, reading and trying to steal as much of your knowledge as possible.
This is my first post.

background info:
25 years old male from Denmark EU.
Old hockey player since age of 4 stopped playing around 21.
currently 230 lbs around 18-19 %. 6`3"
In the gym 4-5 times a week. Natural.

Iam looking to cut, i know there is alot of info out there on cutting stacks and i have read alot of the post and a ton of logs. But iam still uncertain on what to choose. I am split between running an 1/4/epi or an ostra cycle. My goal would to be around 210 after the cycle with hard work and dedication. or a cycle of The One since iam eu i can get it.

My daily eating rutine is:
Morning: 3-4 raw eggs mixed with around 50 cl of juice
2 hours later 1 protein shake.
Lunch: 1 tuna can with mayo and hot sauce mixed with kale and carrots
i then go to the gym around 4-5 pm.
i eat dinner around 6-6:30 pm normaly consist of meat (chicken,beef or pork) with some sort of greens (kale or broccoli) and a carb like (potatoes,pasta or rice).
A cup of cottage cheese or a protein shake before bed if i feel the need.

a day is around 2200 cal.

There are alot of good logs out there were a solo run of ostra have worked great as a cutting cycle. but for other not so much. i know it comes down to diet and hard work. but since iam a newbie in this world, i would like to hear from more experienced persons since i would like to do it right my first time ( better safe than sorry).

so as preparation for this cycle i got both clomid and nolva on hand and got my self some kings blood and have a bottle of alphamax xt and Ar1mcare pro. Got fish oil and multivitamins that i staple.

If chosen i would run 1/4/epi 330/330/500-1000 (adjusting after need) for 8 weeks (Olympus labs)

if chosen ostra i would do 10mg first week then 20 mg ed for the last 7 weeks (Olympus labs)

PCT would depend on what i go with and what i Experience doing cycle nolva 20/20/10/10. Clomid 50/50/25/25/10/10.

So to sum it up, i am looking for advice on what you guys would think would be the most efficient first cycle, and if you think there is something that i should change in my diet or my cycle i'm ready to learn.

best regards

The new dane :)

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