RAD 140 / LGD 4033 - Separate High Dose VS Stacked Low Dose


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Topic pretty much sums it up.

Anyone have any experience with these two stacked?

Planning my next cycle, I have both on hand. I was either going to ramp up RAD to 30mg or LGD to 20mg. Curious if running lets say 10mg Rad and 5mg of LGD instead could give the best of both worlds without risking side effects. EX: shedding from RAD.

Let me know what you think. Goal would be to recomp.


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Total mg is probably the biggest determination of results with compounds of similar strength, and combining 2 often can be a bit less sides than a bigger dose of only one. But the total dosage needs to be comparable.

10 Rad & 5 LGD is not going to be as potent as 30 Rad - that’s twice the total mg. But 10 Rad with 10 LGD may be comparable to 20 of one.

I wouldn’t try multiple new compounds at once btw. One new compound at a time lets you know what is doing what.

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