Possible first cycle soonish, looking for insight..

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So, I’m in the beginning stages of planning my first cycle which I intend to begin sometime between 6 months to 1 year from now on account of when my wife and I intend to become pregnant with our last planned child and also my ability to find a source I feel like I can trust. So far based on my goals and what I’ve picked up on researching,I’m leaning towards a test + anavar 10 week cycle. I’ve been resistance training for about 12 years now, the last 6 of which have been very disciplined. So far it’s been a struggle for me to drop below 12-13% BF without wrecking my strength. So my goal is to find a way to maintain or even improve on strength/mass while dropping the bf% to the realm of 8-10. So TO THE POINT, without getting into doses yet, do you guys think the anavar/test combo is sufficient for the goal? It’s worth noting perhaps that I engage in a variety of athletics beyond lifting and want to maintain speed/agility (ofwhich I’m in short supply of to begin with).

I know I need to continue researching the world of AI’s and PCT, but I figure I’ve got plenty time to do it.

Also a random question which I’m sure varies person to person- do you guys straight up tell your primary care physicians about your cycles, or keep it to yourself? Is there any major worries or concerns about divulging that to your doctor (assuming there’s no medical emergency, just annual physicals).

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