Partial Rotator Cuff Tear, Partial SLAP Labrum Tear HGH IGF-1?


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Hey guys,

As you can tell, i'm new here. Would have never thought about the board if it wasn't for my recent injury. Actually, ironically, I always said if I was a pro athlete(which I was, but soccer) I would have taken performance enhancers. So maybe its a blessing in disguise. :)

But back to why I am here. Im trying to do as much research as possible on recovery. My doctor says the tears are small enough from the dislocation that he things a good hard PT will allow me to recover in 6 weeks to the point that I can get back to playing again. Im 31 with no prior history of injury or pain to the shoulder. But that being said, I still play at a semi professional level, so optimal recovery would be best regardless of cost.

Im looking into HGH for the rotator cuff, and IGF for the Labrum. I gather from my reading, HGH helps the muscle and IGF helps the ligament. I have a few questions.

1.How do you know how to dose? Is that just research or..?
2.Ive never injected myself before, but I could, or have my GF do it. How do you find information on how to do it?
3. Anyone here with a similar experience?

I am starting week 4. I have been at the gym the past week with 95% exercises of the back, shoulder, and arms with minimal pain. PT 3x a week, electrostym, steroid patch. I have seen great strides, there is just a little nerve damage which is holding me up, and its still very tender in both torn places. So I am exploring the options I have.

Dont kill me if I didnt find the FAQ on the board. :) Please point me in the direction if there is one.

Thanks :thanks:

Also, I was going to start a cycle of SuperCiccus to help out.

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