Partially torn rotator + labrum= surgery


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Orthopedics says I'll be down for 6mo! Wtf! But to halt further injury in the future and so I can keeping working an working out its best to do it now. What are people's experience? Were you really down that long? Winter is coming up so I'm leaning towards doing it. I know for the first month I won't be able to do anything but could I do legs? I'm in the dark until I go ahead and tell her I'm game but other input would greatly help me. I'm always In pain now plus this injury causes my shoulder to pinch my Vagas nerve and sometimes result in seizures...smdh!


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No it’s not worth even going to the gym.

Your going to be cut open and something is going to be repaired inside your body. Increases your blood pressure and running the risk of infection just to half ass the gym isn’t a good idea. Even in a sling there’s still risks.

I have personally seen more reform RC due to a persons impatience then I care to describe. A recumbent bike may be a worthwhile investment and adjusting your diet to something higher protein will help.

How old are you? Can you afford light duty or time off? Does it impact your day to day life enough?

I say go ahead and do it as many people return sooner then 6months but it will be at the discretion of the surgeon.

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