LGD-4033 + MK667 - My First Cycle - tons of questions.


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I will start my first cycle in life (before just used supplements and things like turkesterone, clomid (low dosage per day) and during the next 2 months I will try phosphatidic acid.

Once I finish I will start mk677 and LGD-4033. I never used anything and I want to see how my body answer. I have 3 bottles of 30ml each, which should be enough for 3 months full, 6 months half or 4 months (two half and last two full). What do you guys suggest and why?

I'm already taking clomid in low doses (2 times per day of 12.5mg/day during the last 3 months) and I will do more two months now 3 times a day each dose at 12.5mg - this was a medical doctor (endocrino) who gave me (together with turkesterone, tadalafila, etc). I have seen that take clomid during cycle is useless, so I will stop during cycle, but I'm concerned in using again since I will have already used for almost 6 months directly. Long term use of clomid could create side effects? Which one? Should I be concerned?

My plan / protocol is to take:
  • LGD-4033 half dose (5mg/day) on the first month. Second month move to 2/3 of dose (I hope to get around 6/mg or 8/mg mostly). I'm unsure if I should increate to 10mg/day. I was thinking in 12 weeks cycle everyday. Is it too long?
  • MK-667 start with 1/3 dose (could be around 8mg/day) and keep for 1 month. Second month move to 2/3 dose ( 16mg/day more or less) and keep full dose 25mg/day until it end. Also, 5 days on and 2 off (weekends). Should be around 12 weeks too if my math is correct. Sounds good?
Also, MK677 appears to influence on insulin sensitivity, should I do anything about it? Should I be concerned? For sure I don't want to be diabetic :)

Another question is related with time to take, LGD4033 most people say on the morning when wake-up, while mk677 some say when you wake up and do jejune of at least 2 hours and other before bed with melatonin to better effect. What do you suggest and why?

Additionally I was considering:

  • Melatonin 3mg daily (I already use it everyday on bed time) together with MK-677 before sleep.
  • 80 mg aspirin daily during the whole MK-667 cycle.
What do you guys think?

I also saw some references for "OL Eliminate" but I have no idea what is it and google pointed tons of unrelated things.

If it helps anything, I'm 34 years old with 1.87m, 77KG and 15%BF.

Finally, anyone knows any cientific paper that explain clearly the number of pulses during the lifetime of MK-667 and what is the correct relation between mg of MK667 and HGH in UIs?

I expect to do blood tests before, during and on the end of the cycle. At the moment I'm thinking on the following blood tests:

CBC (LDL and HDL cholesterol and triglycerides)
CMP (Comprehensive metabolic panel)
Thyroid Panel
Lipid Panel
Total Test
Free Test
IGF-1 / Somatomedin C
Monitor A1C reading
insulin / 2-Hour Insulin Glucose Challenge Test (Is it really required?)

I'm not a medical doctor, I compiled this list from what I saw in different threads - maybe some are repeated with different name! LOL

Do you advise any other?


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