Lgd-4033 dosing questions


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After a week at 10mg, I am considering bumping up to 15 or 20mg. Should the dose (oral) be split up or taken all in one shot? Most things I read online suggest it doesn't really matter and all at once is fine, but figured I'd check here. Also I am a bit curious why most things I read online suggest 5mg (or even less) and states that 10mg is the upper safe limit, but around here I've seen 30mg or even higher suggested. Any insight is appreciated.


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I don't remember the half life of Lgd because I ever use it. Rad is something like 36 hours or longer but I still split the dose into two. As for dosing yes go to 20mgs. I've seen the Reddit post of people taking 5-10mgs but I'm guessing most are guys who don't have much muscle and went from eating shitty and not training hard to "im on some **** so I'm going to eat perfect and train harder" that will give great gains to someone inexperienced. Most guys I known that already have any sort of muscle will start at 20 and run as high as 40mgs. I personally run rad at 30-40mgs for best results.

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