leucine in different protein sources


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and a follow up to my prev question...
what is the leucine per given amount of protein in different common foods? like 25 grams of whey protein isolate has 2.7gram luecine. how much luecine is in 25 grams of protein of chicken? fish? oats? wheat? veggies? ect?


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Answered the other thread but for this I wouldn't specifically worry about this. Aim for an adequate daily protein intake, divide that by how many meals is easiest to achieve each day, and split that preferably as easy as possible for your schedule and stick to that. Starting to micromanage how much Leucine per meal based on what you eat is just a little bit too neurotic even for me.

In general you won't have issue hitting the necessary Leucine amounts unless you are getting your Protein intake from non-meat sources.

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