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I've gotten a few messages about sourcing and making your own gear/ancillaries. My advice is to search Google for "raw steroid powder" and to avoid AASRaw, but probably most of the other companies you'll find are legit, there are many.

Make sure you understand how to create a clean workspace, use gloves and syringe filters with sterile vials. I recommend adding 1% BA to everything you plan to inject and do not store it for more than twelve months before use.

For the oral recipes, you can measure with a 1ml dosing syringe and add it to a glass of water, energy drink, juice, etc.

Some of the recipes you won't find published online that I've personally used and know to work are as follows.

Injectable Winstrol 50mg/ml (I tried 100mg and it precipitated)
Raw Winny Powder
10% Guaiacol (sterile, meant for injection)
1% BA
Remainder MCT or GSO

Injectable L-Carnitine 400mg/ml (500mg precipitated for me)
Raw L-Carn powder
1% BA
Remainder sterile IV Fluid (0.9% Sodium Chloride)

Anavar oral liquid 10mg/ml (20mg precipitated, but 15mg might work)
Raw Var powder
Remainder Everclear grain alcohol 190 proof

Cialis oral liquid 20mg/ml
Raw Tadalafil powder
Remainder PEG 400

Aromasin oral liquid 20mg/ml
Raw Exemestane powder
Remainder Everclear grain alcohol 190 proof

I wouldn't bother with Winny unless you're doing a show prep and already at single digits or 10% max body fat. L-Carn is great PWO on cardio days, or used every day if you don't mind all the pins. The oral Var tends to super-sensitize the tongue, so dilute this into at least 16oz of water. Micro-dosing the Exem every day has proven to be a fantastic way to control E2 while on cycle and I honestly don't get the swings or any of the sides you normally associate with large doses a couple of times per week.

Enjoy! 😁

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