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Helios is the first topical curcumin product with no yellow skin staining left behind.

Apex Alchemy is the first to create a viable topical curcumin product. We're the first company to introduce the more potent curcumin metabolite, tetrahydro-curcumin. When "normal curcumin is metabolized, it's naturally converted into the metabolite tetrahydro-curcumin. So, when you take a curcumin supplement, it's actually tetrahydro-curcumin that ends up in your blood stream. From there it can be absorbed into the tissues where it can offer it's benefits. In this sense you could think of taking regular as taking a precursor to tetrahydro-curcumin.

We then added luteolin a potent antioxidant and natural anti-inflammatory agent.

Luteolin is a naturally occurring flavanoid found in numerous foods. It is used in natural medicines to treat a variety of diseases and disorders. We've included it in our formulation to add an additional anti-inflammatory effect and promote a healthy, radiant appearance.

Last but not least, we added menthol to cool on contact and sooth aches and pains.

Menthol is the most abundant compound in peppermint extract and has long been used for its soothing yet energizing properties and pleasant smell. We've included pure menthol to enhance the natural soothing effects of tetrahydro-curcumin.


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This is a very interesting product. I might switch over my curcumin staple to this for a bottle. Any idea how this compares to tetrahydro-curcumin orally? Half life / bio availability better? And does it tend to be more local or systemic effect when applied?
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