Has anyone tried stacking phenibut with their preworkouts before.how did it feel?


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Specifcally high stim preworkouts with eria jarenis and 2amino5(j.regia). Phenibut is pretty good on its own in terms of anti anxiety ,relaxation and caffeine seems to amplify its effects. I have a tube of arez titanum atm That **** give me excellent mood elevation and euphoria I can only imagine what combining it with pheni will do. I gotta buy some more from liftmode since I ran out. I'll test it out when I get some more.

Anyone try doing this before?

Only company that seem to be putting phenibut in their pre workouts is phsycopharma since they re-formulated their stuff.(never personally tried it. But heard there first batches were spiked.) Surprised more companies are not implementing phenibut In their products, especially since Mike elevation and nootropics seem to be popular in preworkouts now.

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