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So I am somewhat new to this and could definitely use a little help. I am doing my best to research and get as much information as I can. With that being said please I'd much rather get some positive help here than be berated because I am still new to this. So I was actually given a bottle of Sci Fit's Get Hard Stack exp 03/06 and a bottle of Gaspari's old Novedex xt (still in date). My question is two fold - A) Most importantly, would the novedex be a sufficient PCT and B) would the SciFit still be any good since it was dated 03/06? I know supplements can be good up to a couple years after their dated expiration but this seems a little too far dated to me. Again, I appreciate the positive feedback. This is the Get Hard Stack in case unaware:

100mg 5-Alpha-Androstane 3,17 Beta Diol
50mg 1,(5 alpha)-Androsten-3,17-Dione
50mg 1,4-Androstadiene-3,17-Dione
50mg 19-Nor-4-Androstenediol
100mg Dandelion Extract
100mg Juniper Berry Extract
100mg Buchu Extract


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Gaspari's Novedex seems good,I just checked the ingredients but my advice is to use a serm with it to enhance the effects+serms are not expensive so a little investment won't hurt :) and about the SciFit it's all up to you but If I were you I won't touch it just for safety and as I said a Serm+Novedex will be a powerful good boost in pct

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