Excess Protein Not Stored as Fat; More Useful for Bulking or Fat Loss?


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Hi Everyone,

Will Brink has been posting a lot about some studies that show protein over-feeding. As opposed to CHO or Lipid overfeeding, excess protein does not seem to cause the same amount of fat gain (or muscle gain).

1. Here are the references to the study. Participants went from eating about 1 gram per pound of bodyweight to 2 grams per pound of bodyweight. No gain of fat, muscle mass, or really anything happened.

2. In truth, I think such a finding is more important in fat loss dieting.

If protein's de-animating the amino acids has such a strong thermic effect, and cannot be turned into fat (even when calories are excessive), it makes more sense to use it in fat loss diets.

Protein and fibrous vegetable intake can be high, whereas starches, sugars, and lipids can be kept in moderation. Even if 300+ grams are taken in each day, it will not be stored as fat, and hence gives some leeway.

Of course, both resistance training and cardiovascular training help with fat loss, too.

3. Any opinions?


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