Evomuse 5000-Supernova Makes the Abs Go Pop



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* I've got nothing against tattoos, but seriously, with a physique like yours, why would you want to cover it up with tats?

* Do you only apply SN to core because you didn't notice an improvement by applying to other areas?
Dunno man, I just love ink. Always have. If I didn't have a job where appearance mattered I'm sure I would have much more. Thanks for the compliment.:bigok:

As far as the SN,I was really consistent applying it to the lower back and obliques and other areas till about week 4. The obliques came back rather quickly. I'd say it was very effective in those areas, hence why I'm concentrating on the abs now where I had the thickest layer of visceral fat storage to begin with. It's very close to becoming mainly just subcutaneous fat now. A couple more weeks at this rate might make the entire 6 pack visible without flexing again. However, I really don't want to dip below 200-205. Last time I had a nice 6 pack was 4 years ago at 185 lbs and single digit body fat. It looked good but gave me bigorexia. Lol

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