Epistane/Havoc Cycle - Need Critiques/Advice


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I'm looking to start my first cycle and after much research, I've decided on Havoc. My primary goal is to increase strength, but I'm hoping to put on a bit of mass as well. Hoping people can have a look at my info and give me some advice.

Age: 32
Stats: 5'8", 160 lbs @ approx. 11-12%

Bench: 225 x5
Deadlift: 405 x3
ATG Squat: 315 x5

Routine: Sheiko29

Diet: Planning to eat between 500-1000 calories above maintenance at 50/30/20 macros.

  • Week 1: Preload CEL Cycle Assist for 2 weeks. Run throughout cycle and PCT
  • Week 2: Preload Liv.52 for 1 week. Run until end of cycle
  • Week 3: Start Havoc and run it at 20/30/40/40
  • Week 7: Start Nolvadex and run it at 20/20/10/10
  • Week 7: Start Lean Xtreme and run until end of PCT
  • I'll probably add Taurine and Men's Virility Power to the cycle as well
  1. Should I keep my cycle at 4 weeks or should I extend to 6?
  2. Would adding an AI to either my cycle or PCT be beneficial?
  3. Is there a better compound to use as a first timer for strength/size?
Thanks for looking.

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