Dosage for a product containing npp/deca


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Howdy all.

Next cycle is going to be coming up in march. I already asked about the stuff i plan to use and prolactin. I had planned to just run deca, but I have a deal i might get in on. It is a deca/npp mix with 180mg deca and 120mg npp for total of 300mg. Since it will be my first run with anything other than Test I was wondering a couple things.
1, I had planned on doing two pins of 200mg deca ( i dont have) so that is out. it would have been T and Th
2 With NPP I understand many use it every other day. That would be three shots a week
3 Cycle will be 15 weeks and 30 shots would be 2 shots per week for 600 and I think that is a bit much
5 I was wondering if i could do 1/2 cc of 150mg blend on T and TH or would that be too long between dosages for the NPP?
6. I have also thought of doing 1/2 cc of 150mg three times per week like T, TH, S or Sun ( TRT dose) 60 shots total and total of 450 of blend?
7 Test will be pinned on Sun 200mg trt and 250mg each T and THUR.
8 What do you guys think? If it were just deca i dont think there would be an issue with two pins but seems more and more i hear npp is every other day

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