Do ADHD Drugs (Vyvanse, Adderal) affect your gains?


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My question is if they affect your gains just by taking them, and not by their appetite suppressing. Like if you eat even though you are not hungry, and get all the nutrition you need, will they affect you just purely by taking them?


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If your making gains rite now you should be fine,don't worry about it.

Most of them are stimulants.Most of them like adderal will do the same thing as clen/eca and boost your burning.Just eat more to counter actif you are having issues.500 to 750 more cals than you need a day.

I know the hunger supression can be a pain.If you can't eat that much You can spike your hunger by eating fast digesting carbs.White rice,potatos,ect...

Option b if that dosen't work... you can do what I have done.Research the sweetner though,make sure it's the right thing for you.Have one drink with aspartame every month or so.I was a hard gainer and it works.Not a very healthy sweetner but it dose spike hunger.I do NOT suggest aspartame more than once a month because it is a very synthetic sweetner and is harmfull if you have it everyday.

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