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  • i have a question for you man, i'm thinking about taking a winstrol, clen and tamoxifen cycle and was gonna take it like this how does it sound?
    I'd Begin taking winstrol from week 5th, so this way I will finish taking clen together with winstrol and can begin my post cycle therapy, so i should take the following:
    Weeks 1-10 clenbuterol as stated previously (2 weeks on and 2 weeks off, the dosage is increased each 2 weeks, not daily)
    Weeks 5-10 winstrol tabs 50 mg daily
    Weeks 11-14 tamoxifen (weeks 11,12 40 mg every day, weeks 13,14 20 mg every day)
    whats up dude i was wondering if you can help me decide which is best....I am not new to dbol or primo or anavar but the last time ive touched any of those has been over 2 years and more. I currently weigh 205 but i want to go up to 215 and i want to stay defined...but most importantly i want to take the ones with the least sides & i want to take all the precautions necesary .....What would you suggest ??
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