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    Bogo Predator !! Plus more

    Thanks for the support!
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    Bogo Predator !! Plus more

    Hell yeah!
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    Health scare

    Solid precautionary tale. Always acknowledge warning signs. Get well soon brother
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    Bogo Predator !! Plus more

    Yeah if you did the math that would equal 10$ a bottle. That's a bit too low for us to do a bogo+code. That's damn near production cost. At 20$ a bottle that's still massively discounted compared to our normal price and much lower than industry standards for a top end GDA. Sorry for the...
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    35% off entire site plus a Easter egg

    We get feedback on that stack all the time. Its fire.
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    Bogo ferox plus 25% off

    Under 70 cents a serving
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    Female libido boosters?

    Probably works better in women than men imo. Good suggestion. I would also encourage the misses to stay at a healthy bodyfat level, eat right and exercise regularly. This seems to be a more important factor than supplements. I would also look into if she's using a progesterone birth...
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    Looking for something similar to Anabeta Elite?

    I personally like legendary from chaos and pain. I love epicat and laxo as a stack. This coming from a former anabeta user as well. Test1fy is what I would choose as an alternative or if xfactor is still around. I like ara for that purpose. Forgive me if I'm forgetting some others.
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    Emotional/Psychological Effects of Steroids/SARMs/PHs, or other PEDs

    There used to also be a trend of anti estrogen abuse. It cost a ton of people quality of life they didn't know they were missing. Im beating the estrogen drum nowadays. My joints feel so much better than when I was scared of boobies.
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    Emotional/Psychological Effects of Steroids/SARMs/PHs, or other PEDs

    I seem to be one of those weird people I swear. Anything that raises my estrogen makes me immune to depression. Idk if this is psychological but it makes me feel invincible and more positive. I dont take anti es anymore because of this. My blood work is normal (e2 in normal ranges ) which is...
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    The New Product Release Thread

    As an old cocaine energy fan I'm excited about this spicy /cola /cherry mix. Definitely reccomend picking it up. It's one of the most interesting flavors I've ever tasted..also excited to try the new formula since they moved to 12 oz cans from 8 in the other flavors.
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    The New Product Release Thread

    Yeah I can speak on these if the study out of Sydney is what you're referring to. Is that what you're referring to? Also about the vaso 6....I mean...they are alleging that it's no more effective than 7g of arginine. They also are picking on creatine nitrate plus many more. They basically try...
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    The New Product Release Thread

    New permaswole label! Behold.
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    The New Product Release Thread

    New website. Working on it. I'll get the facts panel though, gimme a sec
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    Huge protein sale!!! Don’t miss this

    Kraken Kreamer crew checking in as well