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Hope everyone is doing well. Over the last few years, there has been a growing number of people who have become increasingly involved in the strength training field of calisthenics. Many times, there is a combination of various disciplines incorporated into some of the workouts depending on the athlete's fitness level (e.g. weighted exercises using plates or DBs). Certain programs like Convict Conditioning and Barstarzz have become really popular and attracted audiences of people who are interested in a gymless alternative to fitness to varying degrees.

We could possibly design three subforums under the 'Calisthenics' section based on the participants' fitness levels. For example, having a 'Beginners' section for those brand new to calisthenics or looking to relearn the basics. We could even make the section interactive by encouraging members to move across levels by posting videos of themselves hitting PRs with certain exercise. Say a beginner has been trained for several months and has gone from barely being able to pump out 3 Inverted Pullups, now he's able to perform 15 chin-ups. He posts a video of him performing the chins and "graduates" in a sense to the Intermediate level where people are training their muscle-ups or starting on 1-arm pull-ups. 'Advanced' members could be people are able to do 15 muscle-ups or more, for example, and you may even be able to drive more traffic to the site by creating a 'Professional' or 'Expert' level where you would be able to invite prominent calisthenics athletes of the community like Paul Wade, Ed from Barstarzz, and Frank Medrano to promote their work, products, merchandise, etc. Every quarter or so you could have someone contribute a Q&A/AMA session or post a video interview.

Granted, this is an attempt to explain a somewhat grandiose vision, but it could draw an even larger crowd to AM and provide the opportunity for people to increase their awareness of the some of the great supplementation and fitness insights available to them--all of which can enhance any athlete's performance quality.

Feedback and suggestions welcomed!

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