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I got my labs back my shbg is 7. Libido is low but everything still works. Just no "drive" to make things happen.
Two months when I was running a trt dose of 100mg/wk it was 17, which is still low. I just started week 1 of test e 500, tren 160, and tbol 40mg. Ivr been stepping my doses up gradually in the previous weeks. My prolactin was 8.6 which is perfect. My estradiol (standard test) is 108. I recently took .75 of arimidex over 3 days and felt like I felt better after day two but then back to **** on day three when I took the last .25 of ai. So I could use advice there.
The DHT results didn't post but sometimes certain ones take a little longer for some reason yo shown up. Hopefully it will be soon.
My dhea was high as well so I'm going to discontinue the supplement completely. I also do 500mcg of HCG weekly. What adjustments should I make? Especially with my shbg situation?


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Well, from what I understand is aas lower shbg so I wouldn’t expect anything to change until a few months after this cycle….and you MAY have possibly lowered e too much that third day. lay off the ai for a little bit

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