Cutting supp thoughts?



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Starting up a cut again. Macros / lifts on point, but I've been out of the supplement game for awhile. Here's what I'm taking right now:

EC + beta blocker
Reduce XT

CL Orange Triad + Greens
CL Oximega
Evomuse Gut Health
Vit D3

PES Select

Amino Energy + Creatine hcl (half-ass intra since i had them laying around from last cut)
[btw I'm using amino energy in place of caffeine pill for 3rd EC dose till the jitters go away]

Also looking for a sleep supp to take while I study for the bar (EC hittin pretty hard atm), so I'll be trying SNS Growth Factor XT. Need to have zero issues falling asleep at night as the only time I can work out is 5:30 AM each day.

Open to any and all recommendations. Aside from the EC and growth factor, I had all of this already, so I'd be down to throw some other goodies into the mix.

Appreciate the time

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