BPC-157/TB-500 Shoulder Injury Healing Log


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TB500 dosage:
(8mg split into either 4, or 3 dosages/week 48hrs apart)

week 1: 4 injections of 2mg for the week 48 hrs apart
week 2: 3 injections of 2.7mg for the week 48rs apart
All TB500 dosages are now administered IM in the injured area

BPC157 Protocol: (Unchanged)
500mcg every injection..2 injections every day..once in the am..once in the pm

Supplements to aid in the process: (all taken twice a day at recommended dosage except for the MSM which is taken three times a day)
Orange Triad---multi
Pro Cissus---tendon repair
Collagen Type 2 with hyaluronic acid---collagen restoration (why not)
Wobenzym N-systemic enzyme formula(pancreatin 300mg), (papain 180mg), (bromelain 135mg), (trypsin 72mg), (chymotrypsin 3mg), (rutoside trihydrate 150mg)---supports joints, improves range of motion, aids in recovery, aids in healthy inflammation (so no NSAID's for pain)
MSM---joint sulfur for connective tissue and supports healthy cartilage
Triple Strength Glucosamine/Chondroitin---not exactly sure of it's function but I know it is a very popular joint health/injury aid supplement
Noxivol(nitric oxide supplement with l-arginine)---increased blood flow
Wild Norwegian Cod Liver Oil---joint health (always hear it is good for movement in the entire area around the joint but I'm not sure how true that s..so why not.)
Theoretically for those wtih medical training or help is there any data of HA given via IV ?


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Hi guys !!!

I’m a rookie to this forum, tks for the help. I just got a tenodesis and rotator cuff repair ( torn supra-épineux 95%)
I’m 6 weeks post op and was thinking about BPC 157. Would it be great ? Any thoughts ?

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