been ripped off too many times


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Hey there fellas, first time on here. I have done a couple cycles before first starting with a basic test E and dbol, and a nolva pct, I didn't see much results, maybe 3lbs, nothing more than what I couldn't gain on reguar suppies, I waited again and did a decca sust cycle, to find it was extremely underdosed in the vial, anyway I have found a new guy that comes highly recommended with medi star gear, I am gonna do decca 200mg a week, sust 500mg a week of course injections 2times a week, however I have been doing lots and lots of reading and I'm thinking about doing aromasin thru the cycle as a anti e, a PCT of clomid and HCG, of course there is the age old argument of HCG during cycle as opposed to after last injection, I just need help as to setting up proper dosage on the aromasin clomid and HCG, any advice would be great, thanks bros