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    Excelsior pre

    The fitness deals guy recently tried the new batch and said it was the same.
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    Anyone worried if Corona virus keeps spreading the gyms will shut down?

    Nice, and if your mother was asthmatic and/or diabetic due to genetic inheritance just line her up too right? I mean screw it, she deserves to die just for not being healthy I guess.
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    Bye bye to Sarms

    The closer it comes to SARMS passing tests to be prescribed and sold by big pharma (and therefore taxed) the more the government will clamp down on vendors.
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    Is Ostarine going to qork for me?

    I'm currently running ostarine and 4 andro whilst leaning down and it's working great. Slow process though, running for 8 weeks. Low dosages. 10mg per day. I've used sarms on and off for years and it's true what the guys here are saying. They are not risk free. They are not a safe alternative...
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    Mk 667 personal experience

    I also use 10 mg at night. Ran up to 25 mg per day but find that I get hypoglycaemic like symptoms and end up binging on sugary snacks just to make the feeling go away.
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    Mk 667 personal experience

    I rate it highly. I feel that it's best used as a recovery and well being product, not a muscle or mass builder. I used it to help recover from a hernia surgery a couple of years back. I also feel that it helps with joins and general well being.
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    Test results of Brawn Epistane

    I have tried a couple of different brands of epistane and never got much from it. Brawn and havoc. Don't think it was bunk but recon I was a non responder which apparently was a theory going about at the time. My first cycle ever was CEL halodrol and results were amazing, the other most...
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    Word Association Thread!!!!!!!!11

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    Holy Crap I'm Fat! Having trouble with Keto Macros

    You realise the threads five years old.
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    Preferred hdrol myself
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    Word Association Thread!!!!!!!!11

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    Wobmarvels random thread, sarms, prohormones, natty supps and random life stuff.

    Hi anyone who still reads this. So life throws me another curve ball as DWSports goes into administration and I once again find myself out of a job. In all honesty I haven't worked out for a couple of months. During lock down I rekindled my passion for hobby grade RC cars. Dug my old tamiyas...
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    7 Days fasting. Zero calories for 168 hours. HGP's short log

    Did HGP ever return?
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    Dedicated to natural bodybuilders

    Holy ****. During this lockdown I have rekindled other hobbies spent time with the family. Really slowed down with my workout stuff, no supplements in the house (first time in years). Gone for sunny walks by the Riverside. Enjoyed relaxing in the garden. Painted, built stuff, rediscovered other...
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    In the Mail ....

    Just eat a mars bar and do that. Save yourself £10,000 a year.