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  1. Beta Testers (Loggers) Wanted For Topical Pregnenolone

    Would like to try. Have used in cap form. Have not been on AM in a while but, used to be on here regular. Will give feedback each week.
  2. ***Gaspari Nutrition Promo*** - COMPLETE NFL Season Weekly Promo Thread

  3. Next PES Insider Deal???

    For me one of the baddest pre-workouts I ever used
  4. Next PES Insider Deal???

    Yeah ,I like the Ergonine too
  5. NEW! Black Lion Research Oral AI loggers needed.!

    Dang,I would love to log this
  6. Focused Nutrition Introductory Giveaway Contest!

    great promo guys,welcome.
  7. Shoutout to Nutraplanet

    I agree
  8. **New Core PUMP** Pre-workout Vasodilator and Performance

    Would love a couple of samples if available
  9. Introducing: PES Select Peanut Butter Cup

    I'm still waiting for it to come back in stock
  10. The Day You MODERNIZE Your Protein! ModernPROTEIN Coming!!

    build muscle faster due to cleaner protein without fillers and the rates which they are absorbed
  11. Why isn't acetic acid more popular?

    I been mixing it with preworkouts or juice and started throwing metabolic powder in also.Was able to handle it better
  12. Next PES Insider Deal???

    Hey,Blue Bell and Blue Bunny ARE WAY DIFFERENT
  13. Next PES Insider Deal???

    From my experience with Enhanced it,would be hard to beat.If its better you gonna be off the chain in the gym,
  14. Animis 30 day challenge

    haven't heard bout you guys but,welcome and good promo.I been down for awhile and may try this.I already used omniscient and my son uses it also.We are interested in Cordis!!
  15. Ultimate Nutrition Files Bankruptcy

    hate to here that, just glad my favorites are still in business