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  • Was reading some forums and saw u get var for cheap? Hmm..interesting
    sup bro...........give me the info and Ill pretty cautious........does it come with labs, do you know its what it is?
    miss ya bro. no homo. i said no homo bish! don't get excited!
    i dont know where to get any gear leave me alone antonoverlord
    idk if u got this when i posted last time im trying to get some real gear and advice on running it ill give u my number or email if u could help i would buy u gear to if u help me get it im in missouri this probably sounds like some kind of setup or some **** but its not i just want help at least talk to me b4 blowing this off ill pay for both ours
    go to the top of the page click on AM space go to private messeges under there- how old are you by the way
    how do i check the message you sent me?
    What are you using it for? Just estro control?
    yes epistane is a fully active steroid- research this please though, with all due respect my man if you didnt know epi would produce results your not yet ready
    hey taking epistane by it self gunna do anything?
    hey bro come check out the superd log
    Yes almost all research chems ive gotten were suspended in alcohol.
    some are in propylene glycol. best is to email a few sites and just ask them what the chem is suspended in.
    Looks good when I ran my bridge i did the sd for 3 weeks then bridged into epi for weeks 3-6, and pct was just nolva 40/20/20/20, support supps, and lean xtreme starting week 3 of pct and I recovered well and kept gains. the pct assist should be a great addition. Sounds like ur ready just load ur supports for a couple weeks and hit it hard bro
    in wieght I gained 8-9 lbs of lean mass....In strength my squat went from 290-335 bench from 180-225 curls from 50-75 and some others.....but those are the big ones....mind you I was consuming over 4k calories a day....I dont know what your diet is like....but regardless I HIGHLY reccomend that compound
    thanks for the advice what were your total gains on your epi cycle
    Dwight Schrute
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