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    EvoMuse Presents: PLCAR

    It's a pity that only for that reason nobody would carry it. I had bulk PLCAR in the past when it was available and this aspect of the product was not bothering me at all.
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    EvoMuse Presents: PLCAR

    Any reason nobody wants to bring it back?
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    John Meadows 2.0 programs

    I’m in
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    L Carnitine dosing schedule? Carb is needed for carnitine but I don’t believe carb is needed for lclt specially for the purpose you want to take it.
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    L Carnitine dosing schedule?

    If I remember the best dosing would be 4g preworkout for androgen receptor density. Check posts from @mr.cooper69
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    John Meadows 2.0 programs

    I think I have FT I have to check in my files.
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    Anabolic Hair loss

    If you find any solvant I would be interested to know. I know it s soluble in some oils to different extend. But would be interested to see it’s solubility in PEG and PG. couldn’t find any data on that. For Finasteride I’ll try to find the study and post. If I remember correctly 1mg topical...
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    Anabolic Hair loss

    No I said I didn’t find any study to see if spironolactone has a systemic effect or not. For Finasteride it is clear that it has systemic absorption if applied locally. And regarding spironolactone smell. I agree that it’s not the alcohol that stink but mixture of spironolctone in alcohol. I...
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    Anabolic Hair loss

    Regarding spironolactone I haven’t find any study (in exception of one old small study with 6 patients) showing there would be no systemic absorption. Regarding topical finasteride there are studies showing the system absorption of 1mg topical or p.o dose is almost similar. So it’s not a good...
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    Response to Test vs Clomid

    What daily dosages have you been on for this TRT purpose?
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    Turkesterone at 2-3g?

    Would you mind elaborating on your microdosing method dosage and timing?
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    The New Product Release Thread

    4.99 for international shipping ?
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    Cialis Daily?

    I’ll coconut oil with it to see if it works for me. Heart burn is the only issue I experience and it’s very annoying.
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    Cialis Daily?

    Me too. And I tried vardenafil and same issue.
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    Anyone using Resveratrol?

    What are the amount of resveratrol and 7,8 Benzoflavone in sustain alpha?